First, there was survival. Then came the cognitive revolution. With it, came the storyteller’s bone.

Storytelling has been one of the greatest contributors to mankind’s success as an organism on the top of the chain. Without the ability to tell stories, we would’ve never known about the Universe and the infinite complexity it holds. Without storytelling, we would’ve never had any of the superheroes or the movies you love.

Storytelling has kept the mankind going since the beginning of the Cognitive revolution. The ability to move from communicating that there is a tiger that might eat us to that tiger being the spirit god sent to protect us has created leaps and bounds in terms of mankind’s ability to move past any obstacle put in their way.

Stories are how we survive. To get ahead in life, to get through life and to escape from life. Stories are the way. Stories are the cheapest way possible to travel. And stories are the only way to travel in time.

I am Surya, a believer in stories and the power they hold. I look for stories in the rock beside the road, a pen in the pen holder and an ink smudge on the paper.

I have written many types of stories in my life. All of my categories are mentioned in the top menu bar above. I always have an ear to catch a story you have. If yes, do drop me a note using the form below.


I read all the emails that I get.



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