The Dark room

The room was dark, no light in or outThe sound of silence pervaded throughAcross the darkness around meas it blanketed me within I cover myself in a blanket for warmthI ensure that the door is lockedThere’s something I want to dobut I can’t let anyone see me I bring a box of tissues by my […]

I locked myself in the bathroom

I locked myself in the bathroomsubmerged half my body in the tubwater slowly dripping from the tapplop… plop… plop… plop… plop the room was dark, lights turned offmy legs were pruned, submerged for so longthe water became coldit was hot when it started I looked at palm, skin prunedI can see the cut I madethe […]

My heroes are not awesome

My heroes are not awesomethey are great at what they doMy heroes are not awesomethey have their own flawsEach of my hero stood for somethingbut they only stood for thatI cannot idolize thembecause there’s a dimensionof theirs I do not want at allthe dark side of my heroes –Surya T

How I loathed it once

I bring it close to my lipsawaiting and anticipating the pleasureI suck in with all my mightthe flavored air building insideI felt peace for a momentNothing mattered anymore; death nor deadlinesI feel this peace fading awayTime for another hitHow I loathed it once, the thoughtHow I loved to loathe the people tooI wrote essays and […]

Pursuit of a Netflix Binge

On a night after a long, tired dayI wonder how I can pass my timeA run in the park, a session at the gyma dinner in a restaurant or just nothing There’s enough time to do a lotI could go for a long runget a good workout session in the gymand cook my meal, a […]

It’s merely an email away

It’s merely an email awayAll that I wantAll that I worked forFor the last few years I read the mail once moreFor the hundredth timeEditing it over and over againIt has to be perfect This was the confirmation mailThe one that cemented my dreamsThe final leg of the journeyThe last 3 steps to the destination […]

This was a day that doesn’t pass

This was a day that doesn’t passThe clock seems frozen in its placeI feel like doing nothing at alland it’s eating me from the inside The dumbbell lay in front, motionlessthe songs kept playing in my earIt’s been over 10 minutes nowsince I finished my last set I look at myself in the gym mirrorI […]

It is a race against time

It is a race against timeeach moment and each dayfrom the time the clock strikes 12to the time the clock strikes midnight Running are the sands of timeone second per secondthe deadline is fast approachingI must move quickly Midnight’s call s close byI can hear the moment approachTick tock… tick tock… tick tockThe moment is […]

I wish I knew you, grandma

I wish I knew you, grandmathat we could have a chance to meeta change to get to know each otherbut life’s ways are mysterious so many words people use to describegenerous, motherly, affectionateand many other abstract wordsand the stories I can only hear they told me about the food you madefor a lot of people […]

Awaiting a verdict

It’s been hours since the performancethat went by slowlyeternity would be shorterthan these last few hours I did well, I thinkI was nervous before the showI was nervous all throughoutbut I felt really good after not a sigh of relief that it’s donenot a sigh of responsibility completedA feeling of joy at creationA feeling of […]

Did I choose this?

Did I choose this verdictas a result of my choices?or was this thrust upon meas a result of someone else’s? each day, I wonder about this choiceif it was not mine to makethen do I still face the consequences?this is not my choice!! it was someone I don’t knowwho acted on my behalfacted without my […]