Morning Coffee

Waking up during a school day was an ordeal to me back then. The fact that I joined college didn’t make it any easier. But that day wasn’t like any other. It is a very important day. Everyday till now was entirely different from what everyday has in store for me from today.

The answer she gave yesterday to my question is still ringing in my ears. I felt so excited that my loudness shattered the energy barrier and traveled to my past. Probably, the most beautiful word in any language. “Yes!”, “Sí”, “Ja” and any other language in the world, lost and currently being spoken, was her answer. I fell in love with her, the moment I met her.

A month ago, on a usual night, I was on my night walk (my friends had some work, so they couldn’t come, 😦 ). I was walking around my college, when I heard someone crying. They were weak and almost inaudible. I started walking towards the sound source and a few minutes searching later, I found her. She was weeping. My protective instinct kicked in. I went near her and slowly asked “What happened?” She turned towards me, a little startled seeing me (as I expected), stopped weeping. She took out a handkerchief and cleaned her tears. Then came the reply “Finch died”

For a moment there, all I could think of was how beautiful she was. That was till she told me about Finch. “Can I know who Finch was?” I asked. I expected uncle or grandfather. She replied “Theodore Finch, from the book All the Bright Places” I was dumbstruck at that answer. She loves reading books! That was the second thought that ran in my mind. And coincidentally, I had read the very same book a few hours ago and I was in the same grief. I sat down beside her and started crying.

Now it was her turn and as I gave the same set of replies, she said “This must be something. I am Violet. And you are?” “Theo” I replied. “We can be the next Theo and Violet, don’t you think?” she replied with a wink. I could see in her eyes that she knew my name wasn’t Theo and she also knew that I knew that her name wasn’t Violet. “I’m Priya, and you aren’t Theo” she said. “Yes, I am not Theo. Soy llamado Surya” I said, trying to show off my Spanish skills. “Así, Surya. Adiós” she said and she got up to leave.

Even before I could say something, she left. With no idea when I could find her again, I left, disheartened. As soon as I reached my hostel, I marched to my friend to tell him about this, when he gave me a shock saying that there was a test tomorrow, that means, I have to wake up early. Trying to be cool like a devil-may-care attitude, I never went to even a single class unless if there was a test. And this was the first time there was a test.

I studied all night, trying to make sense of things that are taught, looking up in the internet when I didn’t understand (which, was obviously, the whole syllabus) I spent the whole night in this. As I said, waking up is an ordeal to me, so I bunked sleeping. When I went to the class, there she was, in the first seat, looking nervous. Probably, for the test, I guessed.

I shouldn’t have even bothered coming to the test, no, I might have not seen her again. I slowly caught up to her and slowly asked about her. We both were having same everything. Only difference was, she went to classes and I didn’t. I will also go to classes, now that I have a very strong motivation. I asked her why she was nervous before the test. “Oh, that. I was reading this book, Angels and Demons, and I am nearing the third element. I am a little nervous what Robert will do to save him”

I was dumbstruck at what she said. I asked for her number and left. Slowly, we started conversations after she completed her books. I tried to keep up with her and a few days later, we both read the same book together. And yesterday, I decided to tell her how much I loved her. I was looking for references which will phrase my love very beautifully. I made a ring for her from her favorite book, Angels and Demons.

“From the first moment I saw you, I fell in love with you as much as Harry trusted Dumbledore. As much as Noah falls in love with Allie in The Notebook. As much as Mr. Fredricksen loves Ellie in Up. When I am not with you, I feel as I’m cut down, a very important part missing. Because without you, all I’m going to be is Incomplete. I love you” and I slid the ring on her finger.

Then came the beautiful word. Probably, the most beautiful word in any language. “Yes! Te amo” she replied. Now she was showing off her Spanish skills. My excitement knew no bounds.

Now, everything is different. I can never be the same I ever was. Life as I knew it changed entirely. As I’ve read, I can never come back.

“Don’t love a woman who reads. Because when you love a woman like that, whether she stays with you or not, whether she loves you or not, from a woman like that, you never come back” — Martha Rivera – Garrido.

And today is our first date. A lovely book and a coffee, first in the morning, to celebrate our love.




3 Comments Add yours

  1. yashaswya says:

    The first thing I read this morning. Well written 🙂


  2. Charan teja says:

    Awesome :-)many more to come.


    1. Surya Teja says:

      Thank you Charan Teja


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