On my 20th birthday, I was going through my presents searching for a specific present from him. Although I get a good amount of presents on my birthday, his was the one I waited for. His was the only one I liked a lot. It had a meaning and I felt that whenever he gave me a gift, it was a signal to something wonderful in my life. He has something that makes every gift of his memorable and special. And he took the time in making the gift himself and not just picking it from a store like many of my other presents. For my 18th birthday, he gave me a public call booth and called it TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension Of Space), from Doctor Who, a TV Series that he liked very much. Accompanying that was a letter which explained what that was. He mentioned it about being bigger on the inside and it has infinitely more capacity than it looks outside. And in the end, he mentioned one very lovely line. “Everything and everyone we meet in this life are like the TARDIS. They might look small, but they have infinitely more on the inside. There always is a lot than what meets the eye. Hoping it brings a little smile on your face, I give you my TARDIS.” That became special to me, as I was new, I used to sit with him and friends and he was the one who introduced me to these many friends.

Was it with just me or was he like that with everyone else? I never understood. I didn’t get involved into matters of his. He was a very busy person and very seldom was it, that we had something in common. That gave me the urge to call him or just listen to his voice once a day. Without that my day felt incomplete. Somewhere I have to have something from him. If there was none, I used to call and yell at him and make him apologize. Those were good times. It was really wonderful. The concern he showed me, the care he took of me. I just had to call him if I needed something and there it was getting ready for me in a few moments. I never understood how he could have done that, but he never tells me. All that he tells me is that he asked a friend.

But this year, I had gone through all the presents. None! There was no present from him. He never gave his gift directly in hand. He used to come to my birthday party, or to be honest, he used to organize the party, call my friends, give me a surprise and then after the gift session, he used to carry them all and then walk me till my hostel and then he leaves. And when I reach my room, on my bed or on the table, there would be a beautifully wrapped gift from him. I expected the same for my 20th, but to my surprise, he was out of town. He told me a few days ago that he would be out of town and he is sad that he couldn’t be there with me on the day I turned 20. I thought he was playing a prank and trying to make think that there will be no party on that day and I won’t be seeing him or talking to him for a few days. But on the previous day of my birthday, reality kicked in. He wasn’t there and another of my friend took charge for organizing this party. The party sucked.

I was a little disappointed by this, but not in a position to do anything, I just tried to enjoy myself with the party. Still, I miss him. We just talk once a day, but still I miss him more than the friend that is there with me for the whole day. I hoped that he would somehow manage with the presents and that was the only thing that kept me from getting down to tears on the day that I thought special. But now, I was really about to cry, when I got a text.

Open your mail and look for mine” it read and it was from him.

Excited, I opened my mail and there it was. Well, I am not so busy person to get those many mails into my primary inbox everyday. So it was relatively easy to find out his mail.  Rather than a big mail, there was just a link to a YouTube video. I was kind of disappointed at that, but I opened the link. It was around 20 mins, the video. Let’s see, everything he sent me today was a disappointment. Can this reach the expectations?

In that there were my friends, each of them wishing me happy birthday, individually. Each friend recalling a memory to make me smile then. They were struggling, I should say probably. Thinking so hard, probably they haven’t thought that hard even for their exams. They were thinking that much for their friend’s birthday. Remember the time we did that, remember the time we did this… They were trying really hard.

And in the end, he showed up in the video. “Happy 20th my dear. I feel a little bad that I’m not there at this moment, but trust me, it is for good. Anyway, I’m really happy to see you smile. You are smiling there, aren’t you? I know. 20 years of your life has been completed this day and I can think of many wonderful things that happened in your life. I hope many more wonderful moments like that in your life. Explore the unexplored realms. See the different worlds that are present all around you. Slip into a world of your own. Anything you do, always be happy. Well then, I’ll talk later? Good night dear”

And that was the end. A smile started on my face and I couldn’t help but shed a tear of joy on the thought in the gift that he has put into. Slowly, my friends came in and asked me to come out. I went with them, trying to hide my tears. They took me outside the hostel and there he was. At the sight of him, I rushed to him and gave him a hug. I punched him and words came out of my mouth Idiot, I was crying that you weren’t there. “Yes, you did cry. But now, time for your party.”

After the party was done, he gestured and all my friends left us alone. “How was the gift?” he asked. I held him close and I was still wondering how did he do all that without any hint of that? That day, I understood what I felt for him. I love you, I said. That probably might be the longest I ever had to wait for an answer. I was still worried what he would say. We never felt more than friends and I always was worried that anything more that I would not accept. But now, my life has become centered on him. I couldn’t sleep without talking to him or without reading a message from him. Please say yes, please say yes, I thought. Then came the answer.


Life as I knew changed.


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