Peaceful Goodbye

“I love you”, were his words in the last phone call we had. Did I make a mistake, I thought. Did I make a mistake of calling him just to say that I couldn’t make it to the restaurant that day? If I could go back in time and redo it again, I would have never called him. I have lost him and no way of getting him back. I focused on my career and that made us apart. He was always trying to have a few hours together and I am not making it any easy on him. Because, those weren’t his words in the last phone call, but the last conversation he’ll ever have with me. For that matter, it was the last call he will ever have with anyone in this entire world. Once he said those words, a truck ran over him and he stopped talking.

I thought that he was playing a prank with me and the truth didn’t hit me till an elderly woman gave me the news. Although it happened a week ago, it feels like it happened moments ago. For the past week, I could hardly sleep. After all the crying, I used to feel exhausted and once by head hit the bed, my nightmare started. I saw him and as I ran towards him, he started blaming me for his death. If only you didn’t call, we would be together here. Or as usual, I would be alone thinking of you. And I would wake up again, crying. This happened every time I slept. I can’t stop blaming myself and I always keep thinking  If I could go back in time and redo it again, I would have spent more time with him. But it’s too late now. I kept on reading the messages he sent me, all the mails, all those pictures.

It was like the last part of him that is left for me. After a fortnight of the event, somehow I slept and this time I didn’t have a nightmare. I had a very unusual dream.

I saw myself on the street looking for him. It was deserted. No people, no vehicles, only me. I looked for him in every shop on the street and also every building. Nowhere was he to be found. As I completed searching the whole street and was about to move to the next one, my cellphone rang. Wondering who it could be, I pick up, only to see an unknown number. I answer it. And surprise! his voice again.

Hey. I know what you’ve been doing. Although you called with the best intention in mind, it was me who made the choice to answer the call, even though I was on the road. I am not angry on you for cancelling the date. I had a surprise for you. I was to come to your place and have dinner with you. You know what, now I have a better alternative. I can come to you and be with you without bothering about anything. Hey, don’t cry. I am still here. I won’t go anywhere. I am still looking out for you. Be it a happy day or be it a sad day, I will be there. Look from the corner of your eye and there I will appear. 

With you forever, my dear.




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