The Beginning of the End

He joined in the firm I work long after I did. I was in a position of power and I showed it ruthlessly. Results is the main priority to me. That is the reason why I was given the name Results Russell. But he was someone I never expected to meet in this life. He worked hours as much as I did. Although he did not report directly to me, I liked to check his work from his supervisors, whose supervisors reported directly to me. No one in the firm understood why I specifically checked his work because no one knew what I knew about him. Reserved and confusing he was, along with his mysterious nature and his punctuality. He reached the office at 8 and left at 4. He behaved more as a robot than a human. I used my influence to get to know about his past when it was revealed. There was no record of him ever existing before a year of him joining the firm. He got created when then or somehow he managed to erase out his whole past. Thinking the former isn’t possible, I assumed the later might be the case and started wondering, why to erase out a whole past? I tried getting closer to him by this and one day I became too curious to keep the question to myself. I called him to my office by the organization mail and I waited. When he came, trying to control my cool, I asked him “Who are you?” “My name is Bert. And…” he was saying as I interrupted him. I know your name and I have come to know that you are a little strange. “Pardon me, but what are you talking about” he asked me when I showed him the background check. “There is no record of you till a year ago. This is not possible, so tell me how you did it?” “I have the faintest idea what you are talking about” he answered me. “Don’t play dumb with me. Your actions, the work assigned to you, the efficiency you show is not of an average person working in the firm. It is far greater than the best person we have ever had. So tell me about your past and explain me this” I said pointing to the sheet of paper that he was still holding in his hand.

He released a heavy sigh and started. “I am Riavaso, a Nephromac. There is an imminent threat to this world and I am its guardian. If I do not fulfill my responsibility there will be nothing left to feel responsible for.” Is he mad? What are you talking about? “There are forces in this universe which are dark and evil. We, Nephromacs are given the responsibility to stop them and guard sectors of the universe. We protect the worlds from the wrath of the dark forces which we call as Galaxos. In our language it means, the destroyer of worlds. He makes various servants from the worlds he devours saying that he will protect their world if they do as he tell them to do.” He waved his hand and everything in the room went dark. He unbuttoned his shirt and told me to look. I was aghast at the sight I was looking at.  His body became a screen where there was the planet Earth. There was a small object in the corner of the screen and it was progressing towards Earth. That is Galaxos, he told me. The devourer of worlds or the destroyer of worlds. Continued a visual which showed how the Galaxos slowly wrapped itself around the planet and in the end made it a part of itself by chewing it. It gave me the chills when I saw it slowly destroying the planet I live in. But I still had one doubt. Why did you disguise yourself as a human and that too a year ago? We are selected to become a guardian and some time back which you call a year, I have been selected. We have come to know that Galaxos has a pattern of destroying worlds. It doesn’t gobble up whatever world it finds. First it sends a small probe which takes up a survey and investigates the planet. After it deciding the planet is good to eat, then the Galaxos comes and gobbles it up. This probe is called Sondadan. These Sondadans disguise themselves as rocks, because there are many in the universe.I have disguised myself as a human because somehow Galaxos has programmed the Sondadans to become invisible when a Nephromac is near. But Galaxos is not that intelligent. It is so dumb that it can’t find out its way out of an empty room. I have to report back to Kranus, the leader of the Nephromacs. Most intelligent of all beings in this world. So to find out who has been collaborating with Galaxos, I have disguised myself. But a Sondadan has already entered the planet and I am busy in finding where it goes. Nobody understands me here, so I have started blending in with the people of this planet. Although, it took me time to adjust to the situations in this planet, I have possible found out the place where the Sondadan is now. I have put up a tracker on it and it is invincible. Somehow I have to program it to send that this planet is not fit for devouring. I would have found it soon if I wasn’t being given work like preparing charts and all.

Okay, Riavaso, where is the Sondadan now? I asked. I don’t know why, but I started believing him. A voice in my mind told me that he can be trusted and he is the only hope at this situation. It is coming near. Using the program inside it, I should be able to locate the signature of the person who programmed it. In probably 5 hours 23 minutes 14 seconds, it will reach the place I have put a trap for it. Till then we have to wait.Trusting him and putting my trust in him to save the world, we waited that time. By the time we reached there, it was struggling in the trap. A rock struggling, jumping up and down, probably the first time anyone has ever seen. He put up a force field to stop it from escaping. Taking out a concealed weapon which looked like a combination of sword and a gun, he fired. It hit the rock and that stopped the movement. The rock stood still. He waited for a while before lifting it up and opening a small locker kind of thing on the locker. There it was, a control panel, which was feeding some instructions. Before he could switch that off, a message displayed saying, planet is safe, destruction commencement in 2 clicks. He traced the signal and tried to determine the signature. It can’t be, he exclaimed. What is it, I asked? This signature is disguised as a Nephromac’s. Either there is a traitor amongst his fellow beings or somebody used a Nephromac to program this Sondadan. He traced the signal and catching me he said “Hold on tight, it’s a long journey”. And in a few seconds we were in a big spaceship, with someone standing in front of us. Who are you? he asked. Don’t you know me, Riavaso? Came the reply. Kranus, he exclaimed. Yes, turned the figure.

You, how could you? He asked Kranus, the person standing in front of us. Why did you have to do that? Do what I did, he replied. It is my duty. We have given them many chances to keep their planet alive, but what did they do? They exploited it even more. Do you think they even have a reason to live in that planet? They should be eliminated. Only way is to eliminate all the planets they live in, which is only Earth now. Every one of us put as a guardian to that planet has died. Everyone died because of only one reason. Because they can’t take care after the planet they live in. They dump the waste in the planet outside the planet and do you know how many traveler ships had to crash because of that? My daughter, she wanted to see the Milky Way, so I sent her in a ship and due to their garbage flowing outside, the ship crashed and she died. Do you really think that giving them a chance is an option now? There is nothing to be done now. I have programmed the Sondadan in such a way that it benefits everyone in the universe. By eating the garbage in Earth, Galaxos will die and we can all go back to our families. But now, return to witness the destruction, mortals. Then we were back in the place we found the rock. Tears were rolling from his eyes. I understood the emotion, helplessness. He put his life at stake only to see what he was trying to preserve, perish.

This is how it is going to end. Not a meteor, not an earthquake, not a black hole. But by an alien gobbling up the earth as it was a small ball. I’m sorry, he said. Then, I observed. His name is his title. “A savior” he was. And a savior he will be. Not to us, but to someone else. I observed him carefully as he walked to the door. I knew that time was running out but suppressed the urge to check my watch. I took a deep breath and started counting in reverse under my breath. “Ten, nine, eight, seven…” He failed. He, the one who did everything in a perfect manner had failed. And thus began the end.


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