To you, my lost friend

there were times, dear
times where i felt fear
when i never let anyone near
but u, haven’t i made myself clear?

there were times i felt alone
you tried calling me on the phone
i never knew when the bright sun shone
that i’ll never a frnd like you on my own

there were times i was sad
i perfectly knew i behave bad
tolerating me made me think u r mad
but u r one of the best friends i ever had

there were times i felt depressed
i always had my emotions supressed
“tell me, idiot” you pressed
which made me impressed

finally i would succumb to you
hoping i can come out and start anew
although we had no specific venue
there was only happiness in our life’s menu

there are times i felt happy
when i became sappy
i wrote things very crappy
you’ll say the same when you see my lappy

I was born a little late
“I don’t care”, said fate
it said “When I fill your plate”
It’s going to be just great


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