I was born emanating from darkness
No bright a source could illuminate me
She was born radiating light
No dark a corner couldn’t be illuminated by her

As I grew, the darkness became intense
Blacking out the best and worst of things
As she grew, the light became brighter
Illuminating anything and everything she touched

Half the world was now bright
And the other half was, without light
We became unique in our own way
When the greatest challenge was just away

To fill the world with darkness, was mine
To illuminate it, was hers
Grandly, I started a journey towards her
Gracefully, she did, towards me

At the center of the world, we met
For the first time, that I’ll never forget
We were there at the boundary
She illuminating me, and me darkening her

It was only then we realized the truth
The eye opening, horrible truth
I had light in my darkness
And she had darkness in light

Then I understood my goal
And she understood hers
We were not different, but we were one
And our journey had long begun

Light filled my heart and darkness filled in her
We didn’t lose our qualities, but embraced the other
Together, neither of our quality did deplete
Because of us, this world became COMPLETE



7 Comments Add yours

  1. chirag sancheti says:

    Woah man.. This is really fantastic. I could feel the intensity of each word. This so a mesmerizing. Loved it completely. Keep it coming


  2. Subhash says:

    Good one man!!! Keep it up and all the best!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Really awesome man!!! great work


  4. Charan teja says:

    Awesome!! keep going,good luck.


  5. Lakshman says:

    Good begining Teja, continue and enjoy penning such wonderful lines


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