A King’s promise

Once upon a time, there was a king

Full of wealth, glory and fame

He decided to retire to the woods

Knowing that his life would never be same
Out in the night he left,

Giving the throne to his son

To the dark woods he left

Praying for light from the sun
The woods were not easy

They wanted a sacrifice from him

With nothing to sacrifice, he saw the woods

They looked very grim
He started reminiscing of the past

From the start of his days

To that one life changing day

When he decided to renounce his ways
He was an intellectual king

A warrior so brave

That any one who crossed him

Was sent to his grave
Did I do the right thing?

He asked himself many a time

The elements moved in a way

As if answering in mime
He thought of his people

The other part he’d miss

It reminded him of the letter

Where he sent them his promise
I shall return at once

When the time is right

You will know the time

It’s when only evil is at sight


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