Return Of The king

​The time has arrived

When the king had to return

The people in his kingdom

Had nowhere else to turn
Evil grew in his absence

Growing each second

The king had to return

Everybody unanimously reckoned
In the woods sat the king

In deep meditative silence

Observing penance for

His actions of violence
He heard the cries of people

In his mind’s eye

Immediately he started towards

The direction of the cry
A word of wisdom, always

To the people, he shared

There is no evil in the world

That I had spared
But evil will grow

As darkness after light

It will always lurk

Just out of our sight
People were praying

In each passing moment

Evil was ready to kill

Even for the slightest movement
Suddenly, a light appeared

And everybody turned

Making his way through darkness

The king has returned


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