I stepped into this hall
Big, magnificent and bright
This was the room where
My past will be sealed tight

I had a chance like this
Before four years
With all the blankness
I was all ears

I listened to Everyone
And chose the major choice
Deep down I have erred
I ignored my inner voice

What was I supposed to do?
What does life have in store?
Will I do anything magnificent?
Or will I be dull to the core?

I put on the gown
And pinned it tight
And all this time thinking
Is my destiny in sight?

I had lost all idea
What i should become?
I was hoping I would find
In the days to come

The event went uninterrupted
As did the thoughts in my brain
Announcing my name had made me
Disembark my thoughts’ train

About to receive my degree
As they called out my name
At that moment, I decided
I shall bring glory and fame

This was written on the day of my convocation. Some feelings, I felt and some were from others. Convocation, seemed like a sacred location, to pledge my vow. And looking forward to the great future I want to have.



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