My Convocation

​Surya Teja

As my name was announced by the Head of Mechanical Department, my legs automatically took me to where I was supposed to go, my hands automatically show hands with the vice chancellor, and a few steps ahead, I had bowed to the dignitaries, I left the stage. All this time, my head was rolling in a sea of thoughts. First they started off with how they got my name right. And thinking of right, how many rights and wrongs did I do in all those years.

For a long time, I believed in the power of metamorphosis, but I was not accustomed to  realizing something like that happening to me. I knew synonyms, but I never observed that happening to something so significant in my life. I underestimated the power of four letter words in my life, when it is those four letter words that had been all throughout my beautiful years.

A few days ago, when I was reading a book on creative work, I had come across this statement. Four letter words are more implanted in people’s brains rather than their synonyms, which look as if you’re preparing for an exam like GRE, or CAT. Like ‘many’ is preferable over ‘myriad’, like that. I tried using the synonyms instead of the four letter words, a lot of times, in speech, conversations to sound sophisticated. 

The word BPHC has taken a transformation to form HOME. How that happened? I don’t know. When did that happen? I never noticed. All the questions that ran into my mind regarding the transformation had more or less the same answer. I don’t know. But the transformation had occurs so fast that a month later, I found myself more than comfortable in this place.

The lessons this place taught. The ways it had shown. The doors it had opened. There were many. Many is the answer to the learning opportunities I got here.

After a while, I had become so accustomed that everything happening has become a part of my life. The bhawans have become my house, the academic block, my learning shrine and everything else, my experimental lab. Everyday I felt the multiple opportunities that knocked on my door, sometimes in form of inductions, sometimes, as new courses I could take up, sometimes, as the lectures that I could listen to, from prominent people, and sometimes, invitiation for going out and socializing. I tried to take every opportunity that I could grab and that fell in my priorities. Whatever I was doing at this place had found meaning. Sometimes, the meaning came along with the opportunity, sometimes, it dawned on me later. But everything I did, it kept me at peace.

It was not just the opportunities, but also many other things that have become part of my life. The late night chats, the early morning gym, bunking breakfast for sleep, bunking sleep for a test, bunking tests for going out. Bunking on project hours saying some stupid excuses. Staying up till morning during the fests, everything I had a chance to do here, made up my memories.

All those moments spent, good and bad flashed before my eyes, at the end of my life in BITS. All during the convocation, I was fighting back tears at those wonderful memories, which now, are completed.

The known moment was history, the unknown a mystery – Ashwin Sanghi

My history at BITS was most beautiful and the mystery it created in my life was wonderful.

To sum up what I learnt in BITS. This is a list of what all I learnt in BITS.

Greed, of the knowledge I can have

Selfishness, in the bad I have

Pride, of my roots

Humility, in the journey ahead

Empathy, for every moment I live

Emphasis, on the things I feel right

Passion, in the things I do

Intelligence, in the things I select

Good, in my behaviour

Excellence, in the results I deliver

Happiness, every moment of my life

Bliss, whenever I can

Enthusiasm, at the beginning of each day

Satisfaction, at the end of each one

Live to the fullest, always.

And most of all, being a BITSian.
And for all this, I am grateful. Thanks BITS, for all that you’ve done.

This is a record of my actual feelings on 14 Aug 2016, the day of my graduation. When I attended my convocation. 


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