Dear Wife

​I gaze upon the stars

And think back of my life

I haven’t done wonderful things

But had the greatest times
College was really fun

Every moment felt free

Happiness, joy and friends

Buy one get the others free
Many a friend I had

Each one helped when I need

As they have said

A friend in need is a friend in deed
They help me find things

Every time I needed something

Courage, confidence and shame

Were my most commonly needed things
But, when I met you

Something felt different

You made me feel something

I never did with them
Was it love? Was it attraction?

Who could tell? Who could?

Seemed that even the brightest

Had no answer for this
I didn’t want to leave your side

Always be as if you’re mine

I asked my friends for help

They said I needed to get some
Long later, I gave up

Succumbing to it

Then I understood

Slowly, bit by bit
I was definitely in love

Not then, not at first

But when I stopped struggling

I had a crazy burst
Many people came in my life

Many people left from it

In the end, everyone left

But you… stayed on

But you… stayed on


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