Questions in my life

What did I want to be?
A question with no answer
Sometimes I had one answer
Sometimes I had more than one

What did I want to be?
Does that need to be answered?
If it has to be
I don’t know which to select

The first one?
The tenth one?
Which one should I select?
Out of the fifty things?

I was clueless about this
But so was everybody
Nobody had an idea
What they wanted to be

Some of them had
And they had already become
How could they have an idea
When everyone else had none

It was completely unfair
I thought and said aloud
MY dad said Nothing is fair
In this big blue world

My son, you are lost
And so was I once
But only when you’re lost
You can find yourself

You will find it, my boy
The wonder you are
I already have seen
The wonder you can be.



via Daily Prompt: Fifty


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