The world shattering choice

“40 minutes to landing” the computer has announced.

In an instant the young man knew what that meant. He had to get ready by the time it would land. As he got ready, his thoughts drifted. He was one among the five in this mission. And his team was one among the hundred teams that were selected for this mission.

“The end of the world is imminent. It is in your hands to find another planet which is habitable. Our future rests in your hands”

They left their so-called home to find a home. Irony at a universal level, he thought to himself.

Faraway on the planet they were about to land, there was a stone temple, with an old man as its priest. He saw the rocket coming to land on the planet. His next course of action became clear. He was not just any priest, he was a keeper of the Scroll. An ancient scroll with unfathomable power, which in the wrong hands might lead to destruction.

“You are responsible to give it to the right person, when he arrives on this land” the voice told him while handing over the scroll.

“How would I know he is the right person?” the old man asked.

“Trust your instinct. It will never go wrong” the voice added and left. Since then, he never heard again from it.

And today, his instinct told him that he had arrived.

“The time has come and he has arrived” the old man announced to the deserted temple and went inside to retrieve the scroll. And then, he ran to the place where the rocket was supposed to land. He reached just as the young man was descending the rocket.

The young man was shocked to see someone waiting for them as he reached that planet. Probably his search has ended? This might be the planet that he was looking for. Another Earth, maybe?

“Who are you?” the young man asked, from inside the heavy spacesuit he wore. It came out as a computer’s tone. The old man, calmly replied “I am the keeper of the Scroll. And I came to deliver the scroll to you, my child.”

What scroll? The first question in the young man’s head.

“My child, this scroll is very ancient, that it has been written before the dawn of your planet, Earth. And I have been kept in-charge of it, ever since. I shall tell you what this does”

Before the dawn of Earth? What is happening? I was supposed to be looking for a planet for mankind to live on, not old people with scrolls of more age than Earth.

“This scroll speaks of a ritual. Should you ever deem that the time of your planet has come and it is no longer sustainable, you have the chance to end everything. Until then, nothing will happen to your planet. And once this ritual is performed, everything on your planet will be destroyed. Nothing will remain and the world as you knew will be no more” the old man replied and handed over the scroll. A sense of relief could be seen in his eyes. A sense of achievement, completing the task assigned to him.

“This… has… the… power… to… destroy… Earth..?” the young man asked, trembling with the scroll in his hands.

“It’s not destruction, my son. It’s paving way for beginning of new creation” the old man replied.

Whaaaaaa….? the young man thought.

“Your planet’s future is in you hands, my son. Whether you deem that this is the end, is your call to make. And no matter where you throw the scroll, it will return to you. Keep it safe, my child” he said and left to the stars, where he now belonged.

Escaping the end of the world
He got a choice to delay it
Will he make the choice?


This is an idea that I have partially changed from an existing one, which I took from another site. Link to it is here

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