Dear Diary

Diaries, usually, have our darkest secrets with them. They have things that we tell no one, not even our close friends and family. And sharing some of those thoughts with the others require great effort. And so did gaining possession of this diary. As I read through the contents, I have come across a very interesting letter a man writes to his diary, where he expresses concern and his thoughts. Please give it a read:

Dear Diary,

How I wish this day was more better? Could I be more greedy? Now, you might be wondering what happened that I was asking this question. It has been many days and I feel remorse over being here. After she left me, I don’t find energy in myself to do anything. And no day can be worse than the day she left me. Or so I thought. Today, I have seen her with another guy. How could she do that? Does she not understand what she is making me go through? It’s as if this entire universe has conspired to get apart and see her with someone else. This is wrong, entirely wrong.

I wish I could write this day as I wish, diary. I wish I could do that. I have written stuff before, I understand the helplessness they feel in this situations. Wait! That makes sense. That makes perfect sense. I think I have cracked the secret of the universe. It is just a piece of fiction or a book written by the creator. Or the book author, in that universe. It is a world, which has been created by someone and there is someone else making changes to the same world that had been created by that person or creating new worlds. There are coincidences in this world that do not make sense when you think in a mathematical way. Why did F.R.I.E.N.D.S end in 2004, when American Idiot released in the same year? Does that make sense that everyone involved in the TV Series and the Album had conspired to do something like that? F.R.I.E.N.D.S talks about a guy, who cannot talk about his interest (Ross, about dinosaurs, or anything intellectual), but ends up discussing all random stuff which doesn’t help him achieve much in his life. Is THAT a coincidence?

There are many coincidences that can be mentioned, diary. But don’t you think this makes more sense to understand. Isn’t this similar to a character in a book trying to understand who created him/her. Don’t you think this is similar?

This version makes the universe a much more understandable one, where our fates are being written and we have a chance to make our own destiny. But that also destroys the concept of this universe being an entity in itself, as there is a possibility of other universes. Probably we are the authors of our own lives in this universe? Probably, this has been written by the creator to make us believe that we have power over our lives?

I am confused again, diary. I am confused again. I can’t take this anymore. I think I need to sleep. Darkness is inviting me. Bye for now.


As I read through that, my mind too believed for a while that what he was saying made sense. But again, I had my doubts. My fascination with the way people think had made me come across something like this. We are in a universe created by someone and we are creating a universe, where there is someone. Makes sense, but doesn’t make sense too.

Please share your thoughts in the comments.




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