A beautiful saturday

This is a personal experience that had happened to me on Saturday. As most of the youngsters in Bangalore hope for a good weekend, I did too. And that involved meeting an old friend of mine. How fate would go as far as to make me do stuff which I never even planned to do was something that I have not expected.

A few days ago in the office, there was a mail, saying about SayTrees, who were planting around 2000 saplings in this event. It was happening on Saturday and I had shown interest in going there. I have registered as a volunteer and I didn’t want to miss this opportunity. It felt like something was calling me out there for some reason. There was something I had to do there, I felt.

Deep in my heart, I felt that ditching my friends going to Nandi hills was okay when I actually went to the plantation thing. And determined, I have prepared myself to go for the event, by sleeping early on a Friday, which is not usually what I do. Again, so is the tree plantation thing.

Early in the morning, at 6 am, I have woken up, all ready to go to the plantation. I have checked the way to the plantation, more than once, to make sure that I didn’t lose track in between. Slowly, I walked out of my bed and into the light, where it was raining. I managed to get some breakfast at that odd hour and boarded the bus. It took me an hour and a half to reach there, but in the end, I did.

It was crowded. A few people from the office have come too. Slowly, after a while, we started with understanding what was to be happening. It was a technique named the Miyawaki Technique, developed by Dr. Akira Miyawaki. It is more denser, more variety and growth is more than the usual. It was a wonderful technique. To do that, the co-ordinators have conducted a survey on the soil, which was given by the Indian Railways. They have explained the technique, which was very simple. They have placed mounds of soil, on which the saplings are going to be planted.

The process was really simple.

Dig the soil, where the sapling is placed. Then dip the sapling in water, till the bubbles stop. Then carefully remove the plastic and put the sapling, along with the soil bed in the place where you have dug. Put soil back there and level the surface.

After everything was done, hay was spread to make sure that the soil is not exposed, to keep evaporation in check. And that was the end of the planting. The saplings would be watered everyday for 2 years, after which they will be maintenance free.

As I planted the saplings, of different kinds, a feeling very familiar passed through me. A feeling that I always yearn for. A feeling that kept me going, even when my body just refused to move. A feeling for which I spend days trying to get. I got a feeling of creating something. I was giving life. A feeling of creation. The reason I write. The happiness that I was experiencing didn’t match the happiness I usually experience in the things that I do. This was on another level. It reminded me of all the similar things. Everyday we sow seeds of love, hate, anger, happiness, sorrow in our lives and others too, some times. Even though, the whole world tells us that we are responsible for our emotions, in many cases, we are not. I never expected planting saplings would give me a clarity on a level like this. It was not easy. But that reminded me of a letter that I had been fortunate to read a few years ago. And I felt exactly the same thing as the writer of that letter had felt.

This is the letter that I have read.

Dear Future Generations,

We are sorry. Extremely sorry. It was our responsibility to make this world a better place for you to live. This is your world, which we have borrowed from you and using it, until it is your time to use. And we have messed up. Pretty bad. We tried making this a better place. We did all things to make your lives easier. We have created automobiles capable of higher speeds than the previous ones. We have created more safety in the things that we do. We have made sure that you guys would have enough to enjoy. But in that process, we have messed up the first thing that you need to live. Breath. We have messed up the air. We have messed up the food. We have messed up the water that you need to drink. And we can’t  just end up apologizing. We will try to rectify our mistakes. We will try to make this world a better place for you to live. And we shall rectify our mistakes.

Yours truly,

Older generations.

And I felt that. We were rectifying a mistake. Collectively. And in the end, someday, we might restore Mother Earth to her previous grace. And till then, we shall work relentlessly to make that happen.



1.SayTrees : http://www.saytrees.org


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