Ghosts from the past

Disclaimer : This work is purely fictional. It is not intended to hurt any sentiments or feelings. The characters in this work are entirely fictitious and do not resemble any relation to any person, living or dead. If such an occurrence happens, it is just a coincidence. The writer is not responsible for any feelings or sentiments that are hurt

This is a new series of posts that I would be posting under the title Ghosts from the past. It talks about a guy, Raj, who is a construction worker, chased by Ghosts from his past. And no matter how bad he tries to escape it, it is always on his tail. What are his ghosts? Why is he escaping from them? What do they need? What is his past? These are the questions he needs to answer.

I will be posting a single chapter and I will add it to the list of chapters. Click the link to go to the chapter. Please take the time to read it and let me know how the story is, in the comments.

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List of chapters:

  1. The unexpected phone call
  2. The unending quest
  3. The unanswered question
  4. An honest confession
  5. An inconsiderate demon

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