To a friend, lost now

Do you remember how long I have waited for you?
Do you remember how long it took for you to come to me?
Do you remember how great we were together?
Do you remember how you gave me strength to go out when I had none?

You used to come to me
after a day of working hard
You played with me all night long
In my beautiful backyard

I treasured you a lot
I never wanted to let you go
But you assured me saying
“I’ll definitely come back, bro”

That was enough for me
To go about my life
Sometimes, to fill my life with light
You used to come unexpectedly

I hope you came more often
I asked you the same thing
You said “You deserve my visit
I never come when you want to”

I always wanted to be
Worthy of your visit
And hoped that you never left
as soon as you came to me

But now, I have no choice
I cannot take you into the society
That would not accept you
That is just disrespectful

But remember, I will always remember
Never, shall I forget you
You were not just another note
You were my 500 and 1000s



After the decision of Modi to make 500 and 1000 rupee notes as worthless piece of paper since last night (8-Nov-2016), I wrote this. A great initiative by Modiji to curb Black money in India.


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