My 500 words Day 1


My 500 days


Today is the day. The beginning. The end of a time where I would feel guilty about not writing daily. Beginning of a time to start writing every day, for a minimum of 500 words. This is a challenge that I took up. For 31 days, I shall write 500 words each day and post it in the blog.

Here’s the best thing. You can hold me accountable here. You can ping me in the night, if I haven’t posted anything in my blog for that day and ask me what I have done in the day that I haven’t posted about the 500 words. I would be using the hashtag #my500words to the posts that I will be posting in this series. This is more to get me writing rather than stories. I would be including my thoughts and any other topics that are given to me for the day.

In this post I would be talking about writing and the things that I have learnt from them.

Writing has been more of a vent rather than a passion for me for a very long time. I would get journals and diaries as gifts from my parents and friends for birthdays as I used to spend a lot of time writing. It was more of venting out my frustrations, trying to get my thoughts in line rather than actually writing something. My writing mostly used to be restricted to myself. I would write something, either by myself or copied from the internet, struggle to see why I can’t pen down such words and in the end, give up and sleep. I don’t really remember much of what I wrote in the days of the past. But now, I remember everything. As I take so much effort into each post, it just made more sense to remember at least the plot, if not the entire story. But I’m getting too ahead of myself here. It was a year ago, I still remember the day. I receive a link from a friend who has started blogging. He was super enthusiastic about it and has sent me the link for me to read. I got a little excited for him, but mostly sad, for me. I was trying to write a book for 6 months then and I couldn’t make any real progress of getting anywhere close to completing it. At least half of it. I just couldn’t make the time to write that. But he had changed that entire thing. He had provoked something in me that made me think, why shouldn’t I start a blog?

It’s not that I have never tried to start a blog. I have quite a few other blogs, which after a post or two, I couldn’t write anymore. Not many things occurred to me to write and I felt that copying something wasn’t the point of the blog. So I didn’t start the blog. But that day has changed everything. I was going to write, no matter what was going to happen. And I have started the journey. Over time, I have improved a little and there’s still a long way to go. Now, writing has become a daily habit that makes me feel guilty if I don’t do it.

By the way, if you also want to join the challenge, here is the link to the challenge. You don’t need a blog to enter the challenge. You just have to want to write. That’s the pre-requisite.

See you guys. Put the link to your 500 words in the comments and I will definitely read them. You can also post them in Facebook and send me the link. I will definitely read all your words. I want to end this post with one quote, my favorite one.

Nothing is more inspiring for a writer than reading someone else’s words



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