My 500 words day 2

Hello everyone. Today is the second day in the 31-day challenge that I have taken up. If you want to know more about my challenge, go to my previous post -> here. Today’s post is about why I have taken up this challenge and what is the theme that I would be sticking to for the next 31 days.

So, why did I take up this challenge?

It has quite a few reasons. I know that even you have some of these reasons. You have tried doing this, but something didn’t just come out of your head. You thought you didn’t have a creative bone in your body and you have given up. Let me tell you something regarding that. It’s ok.

Writers write to write. They do it because they cannot not write. They just can’t stop themselves from writing. I started writing because I thought I could make it. I directly started with writing a book. What I have done is same as trying to run a marathon when I couldn’t even run for more than 500 metres. It took me about two years before I had any idea of what I should do. I have learnt quite a few things in that time period. Luckily, now I have found some resources for helping me succeed in my attempt to finish my book.

The reasons that have motivated me to take up this challenge are quite a few. If you find yourself in the same position, I request you too should take up this challenge. Writers don’t write a manuscript in a day, it takes time. And learning to show up often to writing is the way.

  • I want to write a book
  • Have a deeper depth of language in my life
  • Develop my writing skills
  • Write more often
  • Be more creative
  • Be less stressed

Stephen king once met with an accident and had to stop writing for a while. After he recovered and went back to writing, he found that his words weren’t flowing as they used to. We usually see this in exercises. After a period of breaks, our muscles need some time to warm up and it takes some time to warm them up before we can expect some growth. The same is with writing. We are not participating in a marathon, but trying to go through a few miles of run. We are not trying to write about 50,000 words in a single sitting, but trying to write about 500 words every day. Writing 500 words is the minimum. You can write more if you want to. Till it becomes a habit.

I know that you might have the same reasons as I do, but you think that writing is not your thing. It doesn’t matter if it is your thing or not. Write to write. Pour your heart out in the words you write. Forget how it looks. Just write. Don’t judge your creation, just write.

There are quite a few themes that I want to stick to in this challenge. When you give a broader theme, you go through the process of thinking a lot for the words and not writing. So I’m deciding my theme. It is going to the following.

Stand in my shoes

Looking at things from a different perspective. It could be anyone. A person, an animal, an inanimate object. Anything.

In conclusion, I would request you to also take up this challenge and accompany me in this journey. It is really great. Join the challenge at




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