Al Persona

Hi everyone,

This is a new thing that I am starting. A new series named Al Persona. All the posts would be categorized under Al Persona in this blog.

Everyone has a story. Everyone wants a story. A story which captures the memories of your college life. A story which captures the things that you wanted to do in the year. A story which has all the dreams that you wanted to achieve. A story which has the life you want to live. And that is what Al Persona is all about.

We write your dreams. Al Persona re-writes your story as you want. Wish you told that girl how much you loved her? We’ll write a story where that is true. Wish you had someone in your life whom you lost? A story for you with their memories. Keeping them alive forever. Wish you had taken revenge on the bully that bullied you? I’ll script out a scene where you took revenge on him, in the way you like.

This is a story that I wrote for a friend. He wanted revenge on a bully and I have written down a sequence as he had requested. Read it here.

Another story that I have written was for a friend who wanted to be a social entrepreneur. Read it here.

Convinced? Just shoot a mail to and I’ll get back to you within 24 to 48 hours.




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