Day 4 : A page from the diary of – Guess whose?

“Pick me, pick me” I secretly hoped as he walked by us. I would do many things for you and help you too. But would he pick me? No, never. He left me long time ago. He spent many years imagining how his life would be, for the first time he held me. For the first time when everyone around him would acknowledge that he has grown up. That he can take care of his mistakes. Oh, those days. I still remember those days. He used to ask everyone about me and when he would get to meet me, hold me. Oh, how happy he was when he saw me through the windows of my house.

We imagined beautiful worlds together. We did many role-plays. He made up scenarios with me. We created master pieces together. And whenever he showed them to his friends, he was praised for his creativity. We imagined a world where even the worst of movies had a happy ending. We imagined a world where the worst of things happened. We created Utopia in our imagination. We also created dystopia in our imagination. It was a magical time. The wonderful times I have spent with him and today he is here, with her and she has shown him all those scenes that we imagined, without the effort we put in together. And that got him addicted.

What is it that he dislikes the effort? She has shown him the worlds which we have created together, as her and got him hooked up. He spent his time with her for the entire day, even sleeping with her. The only time they are not together is when he is in the washroom. Even if he spent an hour with me, he would get his creativity back. I have seen that happening to many people like him. So why can’t he? I accept that I am a little high maintenance. I need to specially cleaned, making sure I am clean and not leaking stuff. But that is what makes me more special.

I hope he came here to pick me. I can just hope. I cannot guarantee that he would. He’s walking towards me. I think he has heard me. I think he is ready to get his creativity back. I think he’s going to make a good decision in his life. He has the other things that I need. He’s got everything that we always wanted when we created our masterpieces. Oh my god, it is coming true. There is no reason he would take those unless he is trying to make up with me. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, it is coming true. He is coming towards me. He is looking at me. I can tell this. He is going to pick me. I remember the look. This was the same look he had when he met me for the first time. Many years later, here we are, with the same emotion, with the same dreams. Today is the best day of my life. I have found him again.

  • A page from the diary of a fountain pen

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