Day 9 – Teach Something

How great is passion? And how to chase it?

This is a question that had bothered me for a while. The greater question after them is what is my passion?

I used to read a lot of stories of great people. All of them had something in common. They followed their passion, even though it was the road less taken. They had faced hardships through their life and in the end they had reached the position they are in. I am not trying to teach you something. I am just trying to show you a piece of my brain. A scene in the movie that I make every day.

It was easy. How hard could it be? After all, they are doing something that they like. And so goes with me. That was before I actually started to work on my passion. In this article I am trying to say that sometimes, even though we try to do something that we like, something that we love so much, we face hardships that sometimes make us quit.

That sometimes even though we do things that we like, we go through hard phases. Phases that make us want to quit. Phases that we just don’t want to go through. But unless we go through them, we really won’t experience the beauty of the success that we achieve.

Success is the destination that we try to reach, on a road trip called hardship. It is not really a smooth ride. Otherwise, we would be more interested in the ride rather than the destination. But it is the destination we are interested in, not the ride. When we read about great people, we never focus on their journey, but the destination they are in. We actually bother reading about them because they have reached some destination, but not because they have gone through some journey. It is always because they have reached a destination.

Passion is like a girl that we are trying to have as a life partner. We know that she is the one that we want to spend our entire life with. We know we could do anything for achieving that. But we have that one girl that is ready to be with i no matter what. Her name is excuses.This is the one thing that we always end up with. It’s a relationship that has wonderful times that we would like to have. But they have a price. A price that we do not want to pay.

Why couldn’t we not do that? Chase our passion, no matter what.

There is no other way. We have to go chase our passions. There will come a day, when nothing goes right. It is on those days that we have to be strong. Unless we are not moving forward in those days, it would be hard to reach the destination.

As Paulo Coelho says “If you walk only on sunny days, you would never reach your destination”

It would take time to achieve your passionate goals. But to fulfill it, you need to make progress and be patient and strong in the days, which make you feel that you don’t want to move on anymore.

Be strong. And on those days, let us all help each other in being strong.



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