Write, my child. Write

You are at a crossroads. Before you, is a man and he has gestured you to come closer to him. You can see that he is old, probably too old. He had a white flowing beard, paired with a white dress. He looked poor, but intellectual. He had a small sack, in which you can see a corner of a book. It looks old, used and you could be sure that he is a writer. As you walk towards him, he spoke to you.

Neo, you are given a choice.

A choice so insignificant at its appearance, but magnificent in its execution.

A choice so significant, once it’s taken, it can change your entire life.

A choice so simple, it can elevate you to the highest of levels.

A choice so powerful, it can move people.

I present to you, the blue pill and the red pill.

The blue pill gives you access to a world. A world which we all have access to. But only with the blue pill, we are able to see it. The blue pill is the key to the world. Once you take the blue pill, you are on the Architect’s side of the world. Once you are in the world, you can do anything in the world. We call ourselves Writers. This is a world we reside in, but this is not the only one that we created. We created a world where AI had taken over us and a chosen one is needed to reboot the system. We created a world where a small kid and an old man find a rare bird and escape being hunted from a great traveller. We have created a world in which there is an upper world and the lower world. Isn’t that enough to show the beauty of the world we live in?

And so could you. Once you see the hidden world among this world, you can join us and create many worlds. Worlds which have your rules. Worlds which are penned from your own hand. Worlds which are created out of your head.

If you take the red pill, you cannot see the world. You will be going back to the world you live in. You know that there is a world that you have to see, but without the key, you cannot see it. You know about the Architects of our world, but you cannot see it. Not unless you take the blue pill.

Now that you have known about the choices, you have to make a decision.

Choose one. Either the blue pill or the red pill. I know you can make a good choice. I know you are smart enough to recognize the right choice.

But. But, if you decide not to see our world, then I cannot help you.

I know you can make a good choice. I will be waiting at the Architect’s side, for you. Hope to see you on the other side.

There’s a small catch here. It’s more of a benefit to you. This choice is present at every moment in your life. Make the decision. You are smart enough to make it.

See you on the Architect’s side.



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