Food : best of all

Food is the nourishment for the body, while books are the nourishment for the soul. And I combined both. I read and eat. It is a pretty weird combination, because I need to focus on what I am eating and I also need to imagine the scene the author is trying to create in the book. Both of them, simultaneously, is multi-tasking, but I still do that. Not because I like multi-tasking, but because usually, the book is more interesting. Usually, my food remains the same. Whatever the day, it is usually dal, rice and a glass of buttermilk. I never eat more than that for dinner, never expected to, never will.

But sometimes, I put down the book and have a conversation. Sometimes with the characters in the book, sometimes with actual people. I love the latter. Books may be nourishment for the soul, but pleasant conversations are nourishment for the heart. We need to take care of our heart too, right. Food is one of the most important part of the day I look forward to. With my friends in the office pantry, or my roommates at my place, having food is one of the most wonderful time of my day.

Many things happen over food. Relationships form over food. You converse with someone over some dinner or lunch, or take someone out for lunch, an easy bonding would be formed. It was something that I learned in one of my courses. I thought then, Isn’t this the same thing that we do? Isn’t this the very same reason our elders used to meet up for lunch and dinner and talk out their experiences in the day? Isn’t this the reason why going out for a date involves food?

But what feeling could surpass the emotion in the eyes of a hungry person, when a bowl of steamed rice, with a few rotis, some dal and curry is served to him? Nothing can. It is one of the best feelings in the world. Even though we are brought up otherwise since childhood, it is for food that we are working. It is for food we are living. If we do get food, then would you go to office every day? You wouldn’t. Roti, Kapda aur makaan, the most important things in this world. It is for them that we work. Anything other than that comes after these needs are satisfied.

But in the work that we do now, we have forgotten the point of actually working. We neglect food as if there is an infinite supply of it for us. We take food for granted. And I too, sometimes do that. I take food for granted. We neglect food by not eating it properly, wasting it. We end up eating lunches at our desks which are not supposed to meant for eating lunch. We neglect food by eating it in a rush by justifying ourselves that we have too much work. We should respect food and be grateful that we are getting it every day.

After writing all this, I have made a decision. I will not waste food. I will sit at the pantry and eat my lunch. I shall not take lunch to my desk. If I don’t like the food, I would not take it in my plate. If I end up taking food on my plate, I shall not waste it on any account.



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