Viva la revolucion

What is wrong in the world? Well, the list is endless. But there is one thing that I want to focus on today. One thing that could make a lot other right. One thing that we used to do once, but not now. At least not at the frequency or size we used to do earlier. And that one thing is reading.

We have come from a time where we used to devour books like chocolate, and now, we put them aside as if they are taboo to touch. Why have we come to this position? Some would argue saying that once upon a time, we had no other choice other than books for knowledge, but now we have the internet. True, we have the internet as the source of knowledge. But how many of us are actually reading stuff on the internet? Half the time we end up on search engines, searching for random stuff, which we don’t even want and the other half, we end up spending in social media. We have the power of a nuclear reactor and we are using it to light a candle in the dark.

As it has been mentioned in many searches, people don’t read after a part of the post. I am not sure if more than half the people who read this post would even bother reaching here. They would have been gone by the time I mentioned Reading. That is the state the world is in right now. We have been dominated by screens and most of the time we are glued to them, in auto pilot, without even knowing what it is that is happening.

We are dumbed down by the myriad of shows that are telecasted on TV. Most of them are born out of minds that have read up on stuff to make the show interesting. Many shows that are telecasted on the telly are not educational, but they are present to glue you to the screen. With cliff hangers for each episode, they are a sheer waste of time rather than beneficial. The downside is more than the upside. And that is clearly evident from the way the kids post various things on Facebook or Instagram these days.

We have forgotten to read. Instead we scan the content. We lose a lot when we do that. We do not get the impact of reading from it. Everything written is to be read by someone. And everything read is to be written by someone. I could never get the same happiness from anything that I used to get when I used to read a book.

I used to take a book, sit on the window of my room, facing the forest I used to read at night, when it was dark. And I had wonderful times. I used to spend a lot of my time reading. Even to this day, I consider getting a library membership than anything else. It is a gift that I am really grateful. My dad had hooked me up on reading and that had developed into an obsession. An obsession which formed my passion.

I have this one request at the end. It is not too late. There are books waiting for you to be read. And they will be waiting till you read them. Without reading them, they won’t lose anything. But you would lose the wonder and beauty that is present in them. Make a choice.

Grab a book and read it. It is your right to have the wonder in your life.



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