Wait for it…

Waiting. The one dreadful thing that happens in all our lives. We wait in traffic to reach work. Then we wait for lunch. Then we wait for the shift to get over. And another wait in the traffic to get home. About quarter of our lives, we end up spending… yes, you guessed it right, waiting.

And what is it I wait for? My commute is about 2 hours a day, including waiting for the bus. Wait…  I see a bus. Could it be the bus that goes on my route? Well, no it’s the other route. It has been nearly 15 minutes since I have come to the bus stop. And no bus that goes in my route has come. The heat is scorching even though it is still 8 in the morning. If I stay in this heat for long, I am definitely going to faint.

Should I get an Uber? Or should I just wait for a bus? I have invested a lot of my money in various things and now I am left with less money and that means living on a budget. Do I have enough money to splurge a few bucks on a cab ride today and not eat out in the night? I was checking my wallet for the cash that I have there. It wasn’t a lot. There was a 100 rupees note and few 20 rupee notes. I think I can splurge today on a cab ride, but that might mean not eating out for an entire week. Well, that I can do. But wait, should I? There comes another bus. I’ll wait for it and if it is not the one that goes in my route, I’ll take an Uber.

Well, it is not the bus that I could board to get to office in time. I can go a little late and come back a little later than my usual time. But that would make no sense to come out to the bus stand at 8 am in the morning. I think I will take an uber. As I reach to my phone hidden in my pocket and search for the Uber App, which has decided to hide from me in plain sight in my phone and as I was about to book an Uber, I could see another bus. Probably, this might be the one that I want to board. Let me wait. If it is not, I will book an Uber. It is already 8:30, I can’t start later than now. I will be late and I have to leave late. I wouldn’t get time to hit the gym after work. I already woke up late.  Wait, it looks like I can board the bus. I think I can board this bus. Finally, I can get something. Wait… what is it? Damn it. People are hanging from the bus. I can’t even get in. Is that another bus behind it? What is the bus? My god, this is pure luck. I can board that bus. It also goes in the same route. Well, finally after a wait of 30 minutes I got the bus. Well, I have to go, or else I’ll be late. See you…




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