Monday, like Funday

And with Monday groans, I have started the day. What is weird is, I usually am active on a Monday. It is not “Oh God! It’s Monday” (You can imagine me, trying to snuggle in my blanket, as the alarm is ringing), but “It’s Monday!” (Imagine me jumping with excitement shouting that) for me. But today was different. Today I was not in the mood to wake up. Yesterday being Christmas and I have roamed a lot. I deserve a day to be tired. But Alas, it is only me who thinks that. I have to report at office by 9 am and complete the tasks that are pending for me. It is a duty, albeit one that I do gracefully everyday.

I took my bath, which was fairly quick, owing to the low temperatures outside. Also consider the fact that my body is entirely tired and wants to sleep in. I knew from the first instant I woke up that something is wrong. And if there was something terribly wrong, I have decided that I would leave office early to come back and sleep. I was interested to finish up the tasks that I was supposed to finish rather than come back and sleep because I’m not well.

And I started with the usual tasks that I have kept pending from Friday. It was usual for me. I take tasks at the end of the day and put them for the first thing in the morning. This makes sure that I have enough time to get some work done, before the entire office comes in. And it was the same as everyday.My head was paining and my stomach was aching, making me uncomfortable. But I wanted to get the work done and then leave, if time permits. I made sure that my tasks are done, and I logged on to Facebook to just browse through. (I actually just browse, 2 mins max). Then I saw her online.

Is it really her? I knew her, a long time ago. I liked her, I think so. And then we lost contact. I didn’t know, if I wanted to send her a message. I took the guts and sent a message. If she replies, it is good. If she doesn’t. I’ll take lite. As did I for the past three years.

Lucky for me, she replied. Our conversation didn’t even last for more than a minute or two. I told her that I blog and she immediately signed up for the mailing list. I was on cloud nine. She was already a subscriber for my blog.

In a while, I could see that I was not feeling ill, but happy. I was feeling healthy and energy filled in my previously fatigued self. I was feeling more energetic and I was ready to do everything to make sure I don’t disappoint her.

It is kind of odd how sometimes someone from your past can heal you so quickly that no one in your present can. I could only thank her for that.

Thanks yaar. I really miss you.



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