If I was Santa

I’ll deliver all the gifts in a month. It’s better to spread out the work than working one night in a year. If I send gifts over an entire month, I’ll get a little more exercise and the burden on me would reduce drastically.

Today, I promise myself, if I deliver all the presents in a month, I’ll buy myself that James bond suit I had my eye on. What do you say? Is that possible? Would you ever wear that suit? I challenged myself.

30 days before Christmas

I have to cover a little over 4.5 billion households over a period of 30 days. What would be the route I need to take? I would be needing my reindeer for all that time. It depends on the wish lists of people that I get. Let me check my mail if I have any wish list.

What!? No one has sent out their wish list yet? How am I supposed to make something and deliver if they don’t give me their wish list? I am not close to them to guess something and give them as a gift.  Why do they do something like this? Well, it is pointless to go give them something and get blamed for that. Let me wait for the wish lists.

20 days before Christmas

Hey, look at it. There are quite a few emails with wish lists. I hope there are enough to go on for a journey. There are about 1000 here? What, that is not even in the same location. I can’t manage to go around the world to give gifts to 1000 houses. Nah, unless the wish lists are more and are from a single area, it is really pointless to go and give them gifts. Let’s wait another few days. If these many have already sent their wish list, I guess lot others would follow.

15 days before Christmas

Still not enough wish lists to start a journey. It’s nearly been 15 days now and I have to double the number of households I should have covered in one day if it was spread over 30 days.

Well, I can just wait another few days. Pointless to take my reindeer out to deliver less than 1% of the total households.

10 days before Christmas

Well, the number has peaked to 3 times now. At least today I need to start, or else, I will find myself in big trouble. I think I’ll start today. It would be better if I do. Otherwise, I’ll end up like last year.  Chasing up the targets in a single day, with too much stress and worries.

Okay, suit – check. Cap – check. Presents – check. Ho! Ho! Ho! My reindeer, we are going on a ride into the human world now. Wait… where are my reindeer? Oh, God. A great time for them to take an off, isn’t it? When are they coming back? Looks like they aren’t coming back anytime soon. Well, postponed again.

5 days before Christmas

6 times now. The number has spiked up 6 times now. I just hope I finish this. If I complete this, I’ll eat a big jar of cookies. For sure.

And that day I rose up in the night. I felt so magnificent. Why did I not do this earlier? Why do I not come out more and give gifts all over the year? I should do that. It is so peaceful here, in the night. Aahhh… It is so cold. And the air is…(gasp) I can’t breathe. I think I should go back to the North Pole.

Christmas Eve

Well, what did I do differently? Nothing. Plan every time about the way I give gifts. And end up giving them on Christmas Eve.

After delivering all the gifts

Well, next year is going to be different. I am not going to do this. Next year, I am going to do as per O plan


Source: Google Images (Warrior Santa)


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