Magic in my life

“My life sucks!” Charan thought that for the thousandth time that day, probably, as he ended the meeting. Is this why I have come to this job? He has been stuck in the same job for about a few years now, with no hope of progress. His first few months on the job has been wonderful, but it was the only period it was wonderful. After the honeymoon phase has been passed, stress took its place in his life and tore his life into pieces. He was talented, skilled in the work he was doing, but he wanted something better. Something more than what he had.

Somewhere halfway across the globe, in a hospital, was an old man, on his death bed, talking to his personal secretary. He wanted to discuss his will, which he had decided a long time ago. He was a friend of one of the people Charan interacted a lot. He was impressed with Charan a long time ago. He had decided to pass on his entire property to him. He was searching for an heir to his estate after his death for a long time now, but there was no one he could find with the qualities that he wanted. He found most of them in him, but there was only one quality missing. Gratitude. Charan was intelligent, agile, can think on his feet but he missed gratitude in his life. He had a lot of things which others didn’t and he took them for granted.

“Sir, don’t you think you are stretching it a bit too far? We already have finalized that he would be the one who would be your next heir. Why are you not announcing this to the world? Everyone is eagerly waiting to know who that is” the secretary replied.

“Unless he understands gratitude, there is no way he is going to be my heir” the old man replied.

“Sir, I don’t mean any disrespect. The doctors tell us that there is not much time left. How can we bank on Charan learning gratitude now? It should take some time, doesn’t it?” the secretary asked him.

“I understand that my mortality will catch up with me anytime now, but I think that there is hope. After all, isn’t gratitude the most important quality? I can’t lose hope in this situation”

“But sir, it would be more important to have someone in power rather than waiting for him to learn gratitude, don’t you think?”

“There is not much that we can do here. We have to wait. Everything will come to place”

“Yes sir, I understand” he replied and walked away from the hospital as the old man wanted to rest. He had to do something. Although he was concerned and understanding about what the old man had to say, he wanted to make things right. He too had good opinions about Charan, but there was nothing that anyone could do. He has to learn it on himself, but there were ways to speed up the whole process. And that is what struck to his mind.

“Sir, you have a delivery” the security had handed over a package to Charan. Charan was shocked as he had no idea about the delivery. He had not ordered anything, nor did anyone would order for him. He did not know about the old man and his plans of making him a billionaire. He took a look at the package. It was addressed to him and it felt like a book. It was heavy, and Charan hoped it would be some kind of video game or something of that size.

He couldn’t wait to open the package. He wanted to go home and open it. And it was a book. A book he had heard of, but never read. A book that he never thought he would read. A book he expected to be more of preaching than actual science. It was Magic by Rhonda Byrne. He didn’t want to open the book, but he saw something other than the book in the package. A letter, again addressed to him.

Dear Charan,

You don’t know who we are. And I am not ready to disclose it yet. We have been monitoring you for a long time now. We have a small request. Read the book and follow it for 30 days. If you feel nothing has changed, then you can stop it and we will not bother you ever again. But if you think there are dramatic changes in your life, then there will be wonderful things that will follow.

Yours unknowingly,

Name not mentioned.

Who the hell were they? And why were they monitoring me? Questions came up in Charan’s mind. He had no way of knowing what the answers were. He decided to go with the request that they have made in the letter. Read the book and follow what is mentioned for 30 days. There was nothing to lose. He opened the book to read. And as he gone through it, he noted down the points of action. And he decided to follow it. It took him less than 10 minutes a day to do what the book asked him to do.

30 days later

He was shortlisted for the promotion that he was waiting for many days. His job again seemed wonderful. The magic in his job has returned back. It took less than a week to understand that he had one the coolest jobs and he should not take it for granted. He started appreciating the beauty of the things in his life. He started understanding the effort behind every grain of rice he was eating. And his outlook on life has changed completely. He started appreciating every moment and that had created a powerful positive vibe around him. People wanted to talk to him.

And after many days, when he had almost forgotten about the letter that came the other day, there came another letter. A letter which was the biggest change of his life till then.

Dear Charan,

I am so happy that you have finally learned the quality of gratitude. I hope it had made wonderful changes. If not, then I think it might be time to stop this. But I think it had made a great deal of change in your life. I write this letter to invite you to our place, where we are going to disclose what lies in your life.

Enclosed are the location to the private jet for your travel and your itinerary. We await your arrival.

Yours unknowingly,

Name not yet disclosed.

He was not sure of why he was being called there. But it was a wonderful opportunity to go for a vacation in a private plane. He was sure that it was a good thing, not a bad one, as the letter didn’t seem ominous.

And the next day, he was at the location specified. It was a big company. He went up to the receptionist and handed the receptionist the letter that he had received. She took him up to a big conference room and asked him to wait. He was getting nervous. He was in a conference room a big company, waiting for someone he doesn’t even know the name of, waiting for something to happen. Would it be good or would it be bad? The conference room was cold, due to the A/C and as his thoughts grew in intensity, the room felt even colder.

As his thoughts reached a new level of darkness, breaking them, came in a person pushing a wheelchair. Charan stood up when they entered. He looked like the CEO of the company and the guy who was pushing the wheelchair looked like his secretary. But why would a CEO of a company like this want to meet him? A legit question, Charan thought. The old man gestured him to sit down and started talking.

“How was your flight?” the old man asked.

“It was pleasant, thank you very much for the ride. May I know why I am here?” Charan replied. He tried to maintain his cool, but there was some nervousness which his body language gave away.

“Yes, we’ll get to that. First things first” the old man replied. “My name is Alfred and I am the CEO of this company. You might be trying to understand why a CEO of a company is taking the time to meet you. Well, it is a bit complicated situation, but I’ll make it simple to you”

“Okay” Charan replied. There wasn’t much that he could reply there.

“I am a CEO and I am nearing my death. After my life, I need to find an heir to inherit my position and property. I have been in the search for a long time, but couldn’t find someone I can trust. Someone who has the power to take my company forward. After searching for a while, I asked a friend of mine to help me. And he had suggested you to me. So, I have started monitoring you. You were so close to the person I want to be my heir. Except for one small thing”

“Gratitude, I am guessing, sir”

“Yes. You missed the most important quality of them all. I didn’t want to go back training someone who has gratitude on all the other things that you already possess. It was easier for me to train you in gratitude. But I wanted you to learn on your own”

“I have got a book, Magic by Rhonda Byrne, from where I have learned and applied gratitude in my life” Charan replied.

“Yes, my secretary was the one who sent it to you. I was on the verge of dying and he wanted to make sure this moment happens before I do. So he has sent you the book, against my wishes. But, it happened for the good. Magic does exist my boy. Magic does exist” the old man replied.

“Yes, sir. I have too, come to know of that. It has changed my life in ways that I wanted to. Such a small thing causing such a dramatic change in my life, I have never expected that” Charan replied.

“Now that you know what you are here for, I think we better get to formalities. There are a lot of things that you need to know” the old man said, as his secretary gestured him to follow him.

A dream come true. He was becoming a billionaire, a CEO of a large company valued in billions of dollars, what could be more dramatic in his life?



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