Book review – Surrogate Author

I was given this book as a gift from Mr. Santosh Avvannavar, when I had the pleasure of meeting him in person. It was a while later, that I have read this book and I couldn’t stop myself from digesting the message the book wanted to provide me. As a wannabe author, it had hit me right in the sweet spot and made me come back to reality.

The book runs on the story of Devdas and Parvathi, but Devdas is Authdas, a wannabe author, who doesn’t give his time to complete the book he’s writing, Paro.

This book speaks directly to me. As a wannabe author, I too was in the same phase as Authdas. Struggling to give time to the book I was writing. Struggling to justify the many other things that I was trying to do. This book spoke to me on a very personal level. The way Mr. Santosh had put the story had grasped me as soon as I started reading the book. This book gave me the long lost pleasure of reading a book under the torch light after a decade.

I would definitely recommend this book to be read for anyone who is struggling to write a book.

Starts as a Dear John letter to an author, but ends with a wonderful end.


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