The final destination

I woke up in the morning to find myself in a desert, deserted. The time probably might be 6:00 am, as the sun was just rising. I have a feeling that I woke up during the night and walked towards here, but I have no idea, from where. I could see where I was, but not where I am, in comparison to my destination. I have been walking for quite a while, and I had no idea where I’m walking to. I knew I had to reach the destination by tonight. Would it be fair to assume that if I reach my destination tonight I don’t have to walk again? My legs hurt, probably as a sign that I’ve been walking for a while now.

I see the sands spread all across me and as far as I can see. There are footprints in all the directions. Should I go back and try to see where my footprints started from or should I go forward? If forward, then in which direction? Is it straight? Is it left? Is it right? Oh, if only someone has charted this desert and I had access to that chart. Only if there was someone who could guide me towards my destination.

But what is the destination? Do I know where I’m headed to? At the end of each day, I die and instantly born again. Is that the destination I’m walking towards? Is it death that I seek or is there something more than that? If only I could find someone who could guide me towards understanding my destination.

“What is it you’re looking for?” a voice came. He was a few steps ahead of me, not near that I could walk quickly, not too far that I can’t seem to reach him.

I walked towards him and said “I’m not really sure where I’m headed to. But I know I’m headed in this direction” I confessed. After all, my memory of the past day dies as I die, but the distance I traveled that day wouldn’t reduce. “Do you know where you’re going?” I asked him. I walked another few steps towards him.

“As a matter of fact, I do” he replied. “Can you help me?” I asked. “After all, all of us want to reach the same destination” he replied. It made sense. For an obscure reason, it made sense. “Would you like to walk with me?” he asked, gesturing his hand, walking towards me.

I accepted his proposal and took his hand. “After all, all of us want to reach the same destination” his words echoed in my ears. The time might be 7:15 am when we started together.

“What is the destination,showed” I asked him. He seemed that he did know the destination. “The destination doesn’t have any name. It is your choice what you want to name it” he replied. All this time, I thought the destination was called heaven. But now, I realize, that it is arbitrary.

“Have you been to the destination?” I asked him, “I have been graced by its form, a while ago. I was there, but only for a moment” he replied. He has gone to the destination already. He has seen how it is. He knows where it is. I could ask for his help to reach the destination.

“Describe the destination. I want to know how it looks” I asked. With a wide smile, he replied “It is the place where you would never have to want anything. It is the definition of a place where there is no shortage of anything. In short, it is a place, once you reach, you wouldn’t want to leave, wouldn’t have to leave” he replied.

That was an abstract imagery of what it is, but not an objective description. I looked at the sun to know what the time was. It felt somewhere near 8:45 am and 9 am. “How long do we have to go?” I asked him. “We just walk. We cannot estimate the obstacles that come up in this unchartered territory. We can just walk” he answered me. There was some obscure meaning in what he was saying that could be understood only when you experience certain things.

“If you have already been to the destination, why did you come back?” I asked him. “We should take the ones willing to walk along with us. And that is what I’m trying to do” he replied. He was having a normal expression on his face, but it revealed of a joy that I have never seen.

“Our journey together will come to an end soon. We shall bid adieu and take our own ways into the world. I hope you too reach the destination you are looking for” he replied.

“Would you be leaving me?” I asked him. In the brief journey that we had, I have developed some kind of attachment towards him. After all, his charisma was attracting. “Yes. I have to leave. Although we have the same destination we want to reach, it is not the same time that we start. I have started long before you did and these are my final moments. My day has come to an end, while yours hasn’t. Fear not, for probably once again, we might meet” he replied, and a while later, he vanished into thin air.

I was left alone again. But this time, I have an idea where I have to go to. I also came to know where my destination lies. I walked along the way that hshownme, for as long as I can. In the way I have met many like him. Became like him for many. My day became simple. Walk as far as I can. And that was the only thing that mattered. After all, if I can cover a lot of distance, I wouldn’t have to walk again. And isn’t that the entire point of this journey?

Morning went as Afternoon came. Afternoon went as Evening took its place. Evening gave me respite from the heat that Afternoon had burned me in. Although, there was some respite from the heat, there was little to no energy left in my body. I still have probably another 6 hours to finish the day. The final 6 hours of the day, where I’m supposed to finish my journey.

Oh, I wish there was someone who could walk alongside me now. “Would you mind walking with me?” A young man asked from behind. He looked as if he was just waking up from him sleep and going through the same thing I went about 12 hours ago. “Yes, let’s walk together”, I said and we started our journey together.

Another 2 hours to midnight. I had no idea how time passed by as we started talking. He had his thoughts and experiences that he wanted to share and I had mine. I could see that darkness has taken its toll on my life. I knew I couldn’t walk anymore. I had been walking for a long time and I needed to rest. “Our journey together has come to an end. You have a long way to go and I have reached my destination” I told him and sent him off in the direction that he was supposed to go.

I lied down on the beach and started gazing upon the stars. Among those, lies the person that had shown me the direction. And there, I want to reach. I started feeling light, as if all the weight on my body was being relieved. I felt as if I was floating. The stars seemed closer from here.

My day was coming to an end and all the events in the day were flashing across my eyes. The first voice towards my destination. The realizations I had had during the day. Isn’t everything simple? Why did I make it so complex? I had many questions.

The stars have become even closer? Am I moving towards them or are they moving towards me? I was unable to understand.

“Shh…” just enjoy the view, said a small voice. “We are going towards the final destination. Just stay back and relax” it continued.

I finally have reached the destination I was supposed to go. What more can I want from this? My day’s journey has been a success. And as he had described, I don’t have anything that I want now. I felt blissful, as I was becoming one of the stars. And among the stars, I’ll watch over the world.



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