Not like this

I felt light. Completely light. This was not a feeling I had since a long time ago. I started thinking. What had changed in the past few days that I was feeling like this? I had no idea. I don’t remember anything that has changed. My routine has not changed and I don’t think it would change, at least for another few months. But then, what has brought this feeling? I couldn’t think of any reason that I would have this feeling. Except… except…

“Am I dreaming?” I shouted.

“Depends on what you think a dream is” a voice came from behind.

I was dumbstruck for a moment. I had no idea what a dream is. I never gave it a serious thought. “Who are you?” I asked, turning towards the direction the voice came from.

“I am the one you ask all your questions every day. Let me tell you, your brain is one hell of a mess. How are you able to be with it?” the voice replied. Guessing by the tone, I could deduce that it was the voice of a man. He was fully clothed in robes, black in color. All I could see was robes in the form of a man walking, but nothing apart from that.

“God?” I asked.

“You” he replied.


“Every day when you have questions, you confront me. You look into the mirror and you see me. It is me that you ask your questions all day. It is me who is struggling to answer the questions that you have for yourself”

“But what is the point of appearing in robes, and too, like this? Asking me weird questions?” I retorted. I didn’t like his mannerisms one bit. But again, wasn’t he me? Didn’t he have the same mannerisms as I do? I thought.

“Aahhh…. Stop thinking. Stop thinking for a bit. I have come here to tell you something. Stop thinking and let me get on with it.”

“Okay, go ahead. What is it that you wanted to tell me?”

“What do you think about death?” he asked me. It was a question, weird in itself. I have had my time when I thought about death, but how does it matter?

“I think it is the final destination. To which all of us are inevitably going” I replied.

“Do you know how many times you have escaped death?” he asked. Now that’s a uestion I have an answer to.

“3 times, if I remember correctly” I said, beaming with pride that I have got the correct answer. But again, didn’t he already know that? I thought.

“Its way up north of that number. Millions of times, you have escaped death. Knowingly, 3.But unknowingly, more than that. But let’s just focus on the knowing bits only” he said.

“Okay” I replied. There’s not much I can do now when he decide to tell me about it. It was a grim topic, but it gave me a lot of reasons to live for.

“Every time you almost died, it was for a reason. And the reason is simple. Your lifestyle is fatal and had to be changed. I have made sure I make your death appear in such a time that you would recognize the need for change. But alas, you have not seen it in that way. You have celebrated life, but never changed the lifestyle that you were supposed to change”

“Okay, so what should I do now?”

“I want you to understand that the way you are living needs to be changed” he replied.

“Okay. What should I do now?” I asked. This was what I was waiting for.

“You have been given a second life. And this is not the way I want you to live” he replied. And he started walking away.

This is not the way I want you to live, these were the only words that were ringing in my head.

I woke up to see that all that happened was a dream. I was going to follow what he said.

This is not the way I want you to live.

This is not the way I want you to live.

This is not the way I want you to live.






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