Deep down in my heart
I heard some voices
Shouting about the futility
Of my life choices

You are stupid, you are wrong
Your name is known to none
You are boring, uninteresting
Never were you any fun

Look around you to the
best of your days
What are you doing?
Trying to bury your face

Is this your purpose?
Where are you going?
Are you even listening?
Or atleast trying?

You’ll have a great life
All of them said
What have you got?
You have got bled

Why would you see?
When did you see?
ANd even if you saw?
Would you try to be?

I tried drowning it
By raising the sound of music
I couldn’t bear them
I tried being too thick

In the promise of sanity
And all that I could gain
I’ve lost my mind
And completely became insane



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