Sometimes a journal is the best motivator for you. And I found this in one of my collections. Felt so great, I just couldn’t stop myself sharing this. The one reason overpowering every other reason. It was a great read. Thank you very much for this collection, whoever you are, who wrote this

Reasons I want to die
• I am a fraud
• I am alone
• I have no friends
• I am boring
• I am never happy
• Nothing goes as per my plan
• I am completely worthless
• Living as a lie
• Living a lie
• Living is hard

And the list goes on

Reasons I want to live
• Because I can

And this one reason has won over every other reason



One Comment Add yours

  1. Babitha Machireddy says:

    Not because u can should Surya….You should do this because because u want to and you have hope that tomorrow might be better than today


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