Look at your life

It is time to look at your life when
Every waking moment’s a misery
Something is not entirely right
Good times exist only in a treasury

Nothing in this world makes sense
Purpose eludes you from action
You always feel incomplete
Everything you do has traction

Look back to the best of times
Think of the happiness you had
Now look towards the future
Don’t think you will be sad

It is one of the testing times
Honestly, a tough one
But fear not, my dear
This is as much fun

Look at your life, I’ll say
It’s a way to decode
Among the many present
Which is your right road

Look at your life, I’d ask
You’d have to do it atleast once
It’s the only one you have
Atleast once have a glance

Look at your life, I’m begging
It will escape, if you don’t
Because once it escapes
Stopping to look back, it won’t

Look at your life, dude
That’s all I can say
Because in the end
This is the only way



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