My Birthday

This day is special to me. Not because it is Women’s day and all. But because on this day, many years ago, I was born. My life started on this day. And today, I turn 21. And what better could I do on this day than doing what I love? Here’s a poem I wrote as a  gift to myself

For all the days I’ve seen you
I have something to say
Listen to me carefully
A tick and I’ll be on my way

You are brilliant, beautiful
Wonderful in your days
Bored, lost, poignant and
Confused in your little ways

There were times you’ve seen
when everything was alright
There were also times
you couldn’t bear any sight

There were times you had
Happy, you were all the time
There were also times you saw
Every breath felt as a crime

Love was in the air everywhere
You took what all you can
When faced with danger of sorts
You held tight and off you ran

You believed this was the end
Nothing could be better
But believe me as I say this
It’s going to be better

Life’s gonna change for the best
And you’re just gonna see that
Just doing what you love
It’s going to break the rut

Most of all, understand this
This is a special day to you
From the bottom of my heart
A very happy birthday to you



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Philip Saro says:

    Well done. keep up the good job


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