Watch me fly

Here I was, at the end
Of a cliff so great
Waiting to jump off of it
This would be my last date

What do I have to live for?
What did I ever do?
What could I ever do?
I know you feel it too

I tried and tried and tried
And now I just feel tired
I don’t have anything
In my life that I desired

I’ll definitely try again
For one last time
For quitting without it
Would be the gravest crime

For the last time in my life
I will try again
There’s nothing to be lost
At least something I will gain

But what should I do?
I had not a clue
There was nothing I could think
And suddenly, I knew

I understood what I should do
One thing where I can never fail
I know what to do this time
I planned it to the last detail

I shout to the people standing
This is my last goodbye
This is my ultimate message
You can just WATCH ME FLY


Image source: Pixabay


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