The Man who never really cared

As I fell down on the ground
Everyone came to help me
But he sat there, unmoved
Who does this guy think he is?

I thought you’ll help me, I said
As I took a seat beside him
I really don’t care, he replied
I grew angry at that remark

I wanted to shout at him
But he’ll do the same again anyway
So I gave him a name
The man who never really cared

He sat there smiling everyday
Had a meal with us everytime
He never really cared, he said
I think that’s just what he said

As the sand in my clock reduced
And so did the light in my life
He was the first to light a candle
And led me to the next rest stop

Why did you help me now? I asked
You never really cared, I added
He gave one of his smiles
“I still don’t” he said as he left

This became a routine in our lives
So long that I started doubting his words
Did he really not care about me?
Or is it something he just said?

He was the first to help me
He was the last to leave me alone
He would rather face his death
Than see me being helpless

Was there apathy in his manner?
Or just among his words?
Contrary to his name, he was never
The man who never really cared


EDIT: I’m looking to make this as a spoken word poetry. If you have any suggestions, or ideas for the same, feel free to comment them. Stay tuned for the spoken word…


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