As I sit down on the sidewalk
With some tea and biscuits
I saw a dog looking at me
With half starved looks

She wanted something to eat
And she was waiting for some
Waiting for a kind soul to come
And give her some food to eat

She wasn’t the only one there
There were many around her
Starving from so, so long
Just for a morsel of food

A kind soul did come along
With some Parle-G biscuits
And a smile on her face
She gave them food to eat

The dogs’ eyes swelled up
I wondered how long it has been
It must have been so long
Since they ever had food

I started thinking of one thing
As I sipped my tea with biscuits
What do the dogs and humans
Have in common with each other

There would be absolutely nothing
That we have common with dogs
Nothing, I could think of
Nothing, was the answer to my question

Except… the desire to belong
The desire to be loved by someone
The desire to be cared for
Nothing’s common except for these


Announcement: Hey guys, thanks a lot for your support all these days. I’m making a spoken word poem of this. If there are any suggestions or feedback that would help me, please feel free to share them. Stay tuned for the spoken word poem!!!


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