Why you should never stop reading?

More often than not, we feel and think that we should read more often. Maybe we already read. Maybe we don’t. I am writing this article for those people who used to read a lot and due to unforeseen circumstances or even foreseen circumstances have resorted to not reading.
I am telling this from my viewpoint. How I have struggled when I stopped reading. How I felt. How everything changed when I decided to start again.
A long time ago, I used to read. I was introduced to reading from my dad and I didn’t stop ever since. Until I stopped. I used to read 2 – 3 books every week. I had the time in the world. I used to spend a lot of time in the library or my room, just reading. Be it a paperback or a hardbound or a pdf or in a kindle. I used to gobble up written stuff. Every day, reading something was part of my schedule and without it, there were times I couldn’t sleep. Reading gave me many things. Many experiences. The emotional roller coasters, the intellectual debates, the poignant thoughts, the existential situations and most of all, relaxation from the struggles of the outer world.

But what happened? Why did I stop reading?

Sometimes I wonder. What happened? Why did I not continue reading?
Reading is to the mind what workout is to the body. And it has to be done continuously. Reading is hard initially, but once you get the hang of it, you can go through it like a breeze.
But what happened? Why did I stop reading?
Every day, once I reach my place, I am tired. Tired of the traffic. Tired from the day’s work. Tired of the expectations I set myself. I used to read on the commute, but that no longer entices me. And I justified that I did not find any good books to read. I justified that I was too tired to read. I justified that I could read it tomorrow.
And guess what happened?
I was going back to a state without reading. Struggling to make the conversations I had earlier. Devoid of the adventure books gave me, devoid of the emotional roller coasters I rode on, devoid of the debates I used to have, I struggled every moment. Being a writer, I looked for inspiration, of which, a lot came from the many books I read.

Today, although I have a system to post every alternate day, I struggle to post on my blog. I struggle to write what I need to write. I struggle to show up. And everything I write, I don’t like it. Halfway through I just want to burn it down.

I lost the inspiration. I lost the new way of looking at things. And there’s only one way to fix it.

Read. Read. Read
This is an advice to whoever is willing to take. Never stop reading, if you’ve started. Never stop reading. Never, ever stop reading.


Image Credits: Wikimedia


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