Come back to me

I love you, I shouted
But alas, she couldn’t hear me
Where was she now
when I needed her the most?

She came to me one day
Without invitation nor intimation
She showed me the world outside
And the power I had within

I took her for granted
But she didn’t leave me
Or that’s what I thought
She left me long ago

This was just a rebound
Trying to heal her memories
But it was of no use
No one was as great as her

I loved her from deep within
My power came from her presence
It was so magnificent
Stars revelled in her essence

But she left me
Just like she came
Without invitation nor intimation

Did you forget the times we had?
Did you forget the memories we had?
Every world we had created
Every world we had destroyed

You’re out there listening
I feel this from my heart
Please, come back to me
And heal my broken heart


Image source: Pexels


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