If there is any superpower you could have, what would that be? He asked me. I was sitting in my psychologist’s office where he decided to go on a superhero trip today. Why? I have no idea. And I am not looking to find it. He’s going to tell me in a bit anyway.

Travel in time and space. I replied.

You can choose only one. Either time or space. He said. He wanted me to split the one superpower that I wanted to have.

You know both are kind of one. I replied.

Still, you have to choose. Time travel or space travel? He asked me.

Time travel. I replied. To be able to go somewhere in time is something no man has ever done. It’s better to do that. I thought.

Interesting. He replied.

What is?  I asked.

The fact that you’d rather travel in time than space. Any reason? He added.

Traveling in the fourth dimension is something no man has ever done before. So, it seemed logical to me that I travel in time. I replied.

Hmm. I see. He said and started scribbling something on his notepad.

Okay. I’m presuming that you would say something here. I said. He should say something now. That was his job. That was what he did every time.

I would tell you what I think of your superpower. I expected you would say something like flying, or like that. But when you said Time or space travel, I needed more information on what is it that you wanted. I had a hypothesis based on that which I wanted to confirm. So I’ve asked you to choose one. When you chose time travel, I confirmed my hypothesis. He said. He spoke in bits sometimes. I wanted to punch him for that. Why couldn’t he answer the entire thing?

What is it that you’ve confirmed? I asked him.

Traveling in time represents a movement back in the past or forward into the future. You’re anxious about what your future has in store for you and want to know that. Or you’re regretting something you’ve done in the past. Or something you haven’t done in your past. Travel in space could mean that you are more interested in traveling, but are feeling stuck on something. When you said Time Travel, it was obvious that you are regretting something. Anxiety about future is less than regretting something of the past. He replied.

I don’t regret anything in my life. If they weren’t how they were, I wouldn’t be the way I was today. I said.

And don’t you wish sometimes, you weren’t what you are today? He said. I would like to know about your regret, you know. He added with a grin.

He was right. I feel that if things weren’t as they were, I wouldn’t be as I was today. And sometimes I regret it. Badly. Things could’ve happened in a different way. I could spend a lot of my time with the girl I liked. I could’ve spent more time in the gym. I could’ve spent more time on traveling. And countless other things that I wanted to do back then.

Sometimes, I regret the things I’ve done. Sometimes, I regret that things I’ve never done.

It is time. I need to embrace my past.





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