Blank page

The blinking cursor was mocking me by reminding that I cannot write. Blinking peacefully, it was laughing silently.

“You’ve come to write something now? Let’s see what trash you’re going to write today”
Oh, its silent mocks. Never did it make a sound. But it had killed more dreams than an alarm clock. Yet there it stays, peacefully. Blinking, and at the same time mocking at whoever is staring at it.

“I have come” I silently uttered to myself. “I am not going to leave this blank today”, I affirmed myself.

I glanced a look at the date I first wrote on that document.
01 January 2017

100 days have passed since this document was created. And there were only three words. 01, January and 2017. Not a single word has been written.

“Waiting for the right word to start” I kept telling myself. What was the word? I had no idea. I am still in search of it. In the 176,000 words in the English language, in 100 days, I couldn’t find one possible word to start writing.

Not today. Not today. Not today.
Today, I’ll write at least one word. One word.


Hey guys, I’ve been meaning to start a new category where I’m looking to share my learnings as a writer all these days. And I need your support for the same. I’ve decided to make it as a question and answer type of post rather than telling you what I think. If you’re interested in knowing something, post it in the comments or shoot out a mail to me using this form

Looking forward to your questions

Image source: Pexels


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