Dear Sister

Dear Sister,

Happy birthday. Oh, how time flies. Feels like a while ago you were a little kid whose main priority is to eat your chocolate after I’ve finished mine. Feels like a while ago you hit the bullies who were mean to me. Feels like a while ago you cooked that chocolate cake despite my repeated nos. And here you are, all grown up. Oh, what could I say now? Oh, what should I say now?

I never thought of giving advice to you. It was usually the other way round. Not all sisters can do that, you know. But as you’re on the path I was 2 years earlier, I’ll try telling you something that you would like.

Many years ago, I believed in one thing. That I am not creative. In retrospective, that is the worst thing that I can ever think. I spent many of my years in this dread. That I would not be a creative person, but be just another average Joe. But during the age of 18 and 19, I’ve seen revelations. Revelations that I never expected.

That was when I started writing my first book. I scraped it off as there was not a gripping plot, but that was when a major part of what I am today has started growing. My first book “The birth of the timekeeper”, which went more into Harry Potter style, has made me the writer I am today. It gave me the strength and the dedication to write. And although there have been repeated expressions of sadness or regret at my writings, I’ve never wanted to quit. I’ve never wanted to quit writing. And I don’t think I will.

What I’m trying to tell is that a belief can hold us back. A belief can make us great. It comes down to that. What do you believe about yourself? Today, I believe that I can write. And I am writing, enforcing my belief. I know there is a book in me, which I will be soon publishing. I know I would do this.

This is the most important lesson I’ve learned in my life. Everything else that I learned is just a support for this. Believe in yourself. And that’s the most important lesson you can learn.

Believe in yourself and things will come through.

Yours truly,



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