Are numbers real?

Are numbers real?
The chapter title stared at me
A question like that
Could break the hell in thoughts

Beyond the words in the book
And the colorful cover pages
I saw her in white and black
Solving a colorful cube

How enchanting she was!
As she told me her name
I was still in her magic
And of her name

She spoke about Bill Bryson
And the short history of everything
I told her I was a writer
And she saw my Insanity

And just in time for my question
For a wonderful cup of coffee
“See you around” she said
As she ran back to her world

For a few minutes, I searched
The entire mall, I scanned
Not to find her anywhere
But to meet disappointment in the way

Probably, that’s what things are
That’s how the world works, I guess
A few moments in my life
And she showed me more than I ever saw

That’s how she was
One of the best, I would say
For she came into my life for a moment
And left me enchanted for a lifetime

The Experimental Writer

PS: If you are reading this, I wanna have a cup of coffee with you. It’s the worst way to ask you out, but I promise I’ll ask you better the next time.

As I said, some people come into our life for a moment, but leave us enchanted for a lifetime.


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