Why do I write?

“Why do you write?” he asked me, looking into my eye.

“That’s a very interesting question. I never thought of a reason” I replied.

“So, think now and tell me” he asked. I don’t know why he was so curious about why I write. Was he trying to write himself? Or was he doing something else on writers? I had no idea.

“Why are you so curious?” I asked him.

“Just like that. Whenever you talk about writing, there’s a passion I see in you. I never found my passion. So, I want to know how it feels like” he confessed.

“You do know we don’t find a passion. We choose one, right?” I asked him. We had a lot of discussions on life and passions.

“But still, tell me why do you keep writing? You don’t earn anything from it. Nor you do any kind of marketing to your writings. You just share and let the world see. But you never focus on getting something from it. I never understand why you do that” he asked me.

I gave him a smile and I knew I had to tell him the answer. “Money is just a by-product for anything. It is a fuel. We don’t drive a car to be able to purchase more fuel. We purchase fuel to drive longer. Similarly, there is a far greater reason as to why I write” I replied to him, using one of the phrases I used in my book.

“What is it?” he asked me, interested in what I had to say. I saw his interest and understood he’s hooked.

“You know what happens when you write?”

“You finish writing?”

“Haha. That. But not exactly that. You see, when you write something, you believe in it. And you put your soul in it. You put a part of you, your thoughts, your views in it”


“We change every day. We aren’t the same person we are yesterday. We aren’t the same person we were a year ago. But the key difference is, over the year, we might’ve forgotten what we were, in some aspects. But we mostly remember what we are yesterday. There might be some state of you in the past, which is best suited for us in the nearby future. You’ve gone through that before, but if you forget it, you’ll go through the struggle again. When you write, you pen down your thoughts, you pen down your views, you pen down yourself. And when you look back at those writings, you know what you were. You are re-discovering yourself what you were. You are remembering what you forgot”

“You still do that? Look back at who you are?”

“I do. My stories, my journals trap a snapshot of me in an instant of time, available to me to access from any future point. This way, when I look back at my journals, I find solutions to the problems I face in the past. When I look through my writings, I find myself again. I find my self which I forgot.

And I remember all those mes who are now in a forgotten past. And to help myself remember, again and again, I write. That is the reason I write” I ended my speech.

The Experimental Writer

Image Source : Pexels


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