Things that make me smile. I had a smile today and I thought, why not list the things that make me smile? Some of them might make you smile too!

Smell of the first cup of coffee
Text from a best friend
The voice of my family
And the cool morning rain

The milky chai and biscuits
The steaming hot pakode in the rain
Hot daal chawal with ghee
And curd rice with pickle

The melody of my favorite song
And the moves on the dance floor
Singing while taking a shower
And dancing with random moves

Discovering a new song
And playing it till my ears bleed
Singing the song till I find
Someone crazy about it like me

Travelling with my best-friend
And doing crazy pranks on each other
Meeting a new person
And finding we share the same interests

Finishing up of an artwork
Completing writing a poem
Reading a novel entirely
And binge watching TV series

The sound of the ocean
The feeling of sand beneath my feet
The way the waves touch my feet
And beautiful sand castles

These are some of many things
That makes me smile every day
I had many smiles today
Sharing one with you too!


I am starting out on a new project to listen to the many stories that you have within you. Always for a good story!

If you’re interested to help me in my new project – Stories, just contact me here

It will be anonymous unless you wish otherwise.

Waiting for your stories!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. And this post made me smile today..😊😊 brought back the memories of so many beautiful feelings..


    1. Surya Teja says:

      Thanks a lot! 🙂 It made me smile too!! I had a lot of smiles as I wrote this


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