Last Moment

As each moment passes in my life
And the end comes ever closer
I fail to see how my hourglass
Is running out of sand

You never know when it is
Or how long you have
You’ll count the moments passed
But never the moments left

These many days on average
We tell ourselves every time
We never realize that the average
Is not how many for us

To be something in this life
To do something for this world
To find something brilliant
To reach somewhere in the end

Because any moment can be your last
Probably it is in today
Or a few days from now
The clock is ticking and time, running out

To be what you are to be
To understand what the complexity
Of the world, the universe
This is so little time

To be all that we can be
To do all that we can do
This is the only time we have
And it is not nearly enough

Why waste those precious moments?
Why ruin those amazing seconds?
Do what you want to do to be happy
And make use of this little time

Image Source: Pixabay

I am starting out on a new project to listen to the many stories that you have within you. Always for a good story!

If you’re interested to help me in my new project – Stories, just contact me here

It will be anonymous unless you wish otherwise.

Waiting for your stories!



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