The only question worth answering

I’ve been running
Faster than I ever ran
I’ve been running
Farther than I ever can

Never looking back
At the long gone past
Never turning back
On the imminent future

I’ve gone to places
Never explored in a long time
And also to those
With no shortage of explorers

In search of a treasure
The most valuable one
Money can’t out value it
And neither can the worldly riches

For it shows itself in the valleys,
Mountains and the plains
For everywhere that you go
It feels like it is there

It feels within your reach
And runs away far from there
For it is not for all of us
Only to the ones who deserve

It’s a mystery to all
And some spends their entire life
Without solving it or worse,
Not even knowing about it

It’s a question, in the end
To which we try for an answer
For that is one and only
The question worth answering


I am starting out on a new project to listen to the many stories that you have within you. Always for a good story!

If you’re interested to help me in my new project – Stories, just contact me here

It will be anonymous unless you wish otherwise.

Waiting for your stories!



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